The Bride

Created on 23rd July 2021

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Ajunta Pall's Mask

Empty dye slot

Relaxed Vestments Chestwraps

Primary Black Dye Module

Relaxed Vestments Wristwraps

Empty dye slot

Relaxed Vestments Handwraps

Empty dye slot

Theron Shan's Belt

Empty dye slot

Revan Reborn Greaves

Empty dye slot

Relaxed Vestments Boots

Empty dye slot

Senya's Lightsaber Pike

Advanced Fire Red Eviscerating Crystal

Incinerator Weapon Tuning



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Visente's account profile image.


24th July 2021

Can you share your character costumization?

Stokee's account profile image.


25th July 2021

The appearance is composed of: Body Type 1; Head 4; Scars 1; Complexion 27; Eye Color 9; Cosmetics 5; Hair 47; Hair Color 22; Skin Color 6. Have Fun :)

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