Sabine Wren

Created on 4th April 2021

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Infamous Bounty Hunter's Helmet

Empty dye slot

Charismatic Mandalorian's Breastplate

Mandalorian Scout Dye Module


Diabolist Gloves

Empty dye slot

Canderous Ordo's Belt

Empty dye slot

Wild Smuggler's Greaves

Secondary Pale Brown Dye Module

Resolute Protector Boots

Empty dye slot


Advanced Magenta Eviscerating Crystal

Empty tuning slot


Advanced Magenta Eviscerating Crystal

Empty tuning slot


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trufa123's account profile image.


5th February 2022

Can you pls write down the appearance numbers for her what you use? I tried a couple and it didnt feeld well. On your youtube video wasnt there the numbers, only on later videos. Thx a lot

MandoKitten's account profile image.


19th March 2024

Not very accurate at all sorry it's just not.

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