The Bastion

Created on 26th July 2021

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Arctic Trooper's Helmet

Empty dye slot

Fieldtech Gunner's Breastplate

Desert Camo Dye Module

Mythosaur Hunter's Bracers

Empty dye slot

Fieldtech Gunner's Gauntlets

Empty dye slot

Powered Exoguard Belt

Empty dye slot

Frontline Defender Greaves

Empty dye slot

Fieldtech Gunner's Boots

Empty dye slot

Cathar Honor Sword

Advanced White Indestructible Crystal

Lightning Weapon Tuning



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26th July 2021

I chose to do a more soldier-esque outfit! It's meant to be more or less a tried and true "tank", heavily armored and equally armed, I chose the beefiest pieces that matched well in quality and would dye just as well.

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