Cloaked Sorceress

Created on 6th April 2022

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Visas Marr's Veil

Empty dye slot

Reclusive Master's Robes

Black and Black Dye Module

Callous Conqueror's Bracers

Empty dye slot

Shikaakwan Royalty's Gauntlets

Empty dye slot

Force Apprentice's Belt

Empty dye slot

The Victor's Greaves

Empty dye slot

Sinister Warrior's Boots

Empty dye slot

Fractured Bogan Lightsaber

Advanced Purple Hawkeye Crystal

Empty tuning slot



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Azrael3651's account profile image.


24th April 2022

I rather like this costume. Those cloth pieces on the upper legs are the only issue. They don't look too good. Sadly they are apart of the chest-piece.

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