Opulent Dark Lord

Created on 25th May 2022

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Valkorion's Crown

Black and Deep Brown Dye Module

Festival Dress Top

Dark Red and Black Dye Module

Festival Dress Bracelets

Empty dye slot

Sensuous Dress Gloves

Empty dye slot

Covert Waist Energy Armor

Item has no dye slot

Kreia's Lower Robes

Empty dye slot

Festival Dress Boots

Empty dye slot

Fractured Bogan Lightsaber

Advanced Purple Hawkeye Crystal

Empty tuning slot



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Undrtaker's account profile image.


3rd June 2022

Love it! Could you also share the character creation sliders please?

fabiuz's account profile image.


3rd June 2022

@Undrtaker sure! Head 1, scars 4, complexion 5, eye color 9, cosmetics 9, hair 53, hair colour 22, skin colour 14.

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