Rhaiena's Apprentice Suit

Created on 18th May 2023

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Moon Pilgrim Helmet

Empty dye slot

Guerrilla Tactician's Breastplate

Black and Black Dye Module

Dark Marauder's Bracers

Empty dye slot

Dark Marauder's Gloves

Empty dye slot

Port Nowhere Mobster's Clasp

Empty dye slot

Guerrilla Tactician's Greaves

Empty dye slot

Intelligence Agent's Boots

Empty dye slot

Vaylin's Lightsaber

Advanced Amethyst Eviscerating Crystal

Indigo Fog Weapon Tuning



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29th May 2023

Rhaiena's apprentice suit. Bought on Dromund Kaas in the city after arriving. Act 1, brief use act 3 on Voss.

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