Marrok (Ahsoka)

Created on 5th June 2023

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Force Veteran Helmet

Empty dye slot

Cutthroat Buccaneer's Breastplate

Secondary Black Dye Module

Dark Marauder's Bracers

Empty dye slot

Infamous Bounty Hunter's Gauntlets

Empty dye slot

Covert Waist Energy Armor

Item has no dye slot

Force Apprentice's Pants

Empty dye slot

Headstrong Apprentice's Boots

Empty dye slot

Darth Vindican's Dualsaber

Empty crystal slot

Empty tuning slot



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Commander Blitz

12th July 2023

so i took a look around and wasnt able to find this helmet. any hint for me where i can get it?

rangerslayer97's account profile image.


1st September 2023

The Force Veteran helmet is part of the Force Veteran Armour after doing some reading. It's a retired armour, that was given as promotional thing. Don't think you can get out any more.

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